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Purpose of the training:

Climate Action Plan (CAP) Urgency

Climate change is the greatest challenge of our time. The urgency to act and respond to the climate emergency and the consequences of inaction are clear. The Oxford Dictionary defines urgency as a situation or circumstance that requires immediate action and attention. The CAP outlines the basic principles for implementing a long-term urban climate action strategy; thereby, providing important guidance for all development actors.

The CAP is the basis and a guide for identifying and outlining climate action strategies and instruments in various areas of action. CAP is designed through an iterative process by constantly incorporating new insights and developments, periodic reviews, continuous learning, and improvement. CAP needs to be aligned and integrated into development plans that clearly outline targets and priority sectors.

The CAP development training aims to:

  • Develop pathways for setting and achieving GHG emission reduction targets by 2030, including intermediate targets and deadlines.
  • Demonstrate the city’s efforts to adapt and increase resilience to climate hazards that may impact cities today, as well as future climate change scenarios.
  • Describe in detail the expected social, environmental, and economic benefits through the implementation of the CAP, and improve the equitable distribution of these benefits to the urban population.
  • Describes urban governance, powers, and partners that need to be involved in accelerating mitigation targets and urban resilience goals.

The specific objective of this activity is to facilitate capacity building for City Working Groups regarding the preparation of CAP in ten pilot cities through training and technical support. The training will utilize SIDIK (Vulnerability Indeks Data Information System/Sistem Informasi Data Indeks Kerentanan) and SIGN-SMART (National GHG Emission Inventory System/Sistem Inventarisasi Nasional Emisi GRK), tools owned by the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry.


Method and Purpose

This training introduces participants to the theory and practice of climate change mitigation and adaptation in urban development. The entire training process will be delivered and supported by training modules, technical guidance, and practical exercise.

Schedule of CAP Development Training Activities in 10 Pilot Cities


Phase 1





Bandar Lampung


Climate Change Scientific-Base Training

9 & 11 Aug

25-26 Aug

30-31 Aug

7-8 Sept

1-2 Dec

Climate Risk and Vulnerability Training

12-13 Aug

23-24 Aug

1-2 Sept

9-10 Sept

13-14 Dec

Data collection

18-19 Aug

27 & 30 Aug

3 & 6 Sept

13-14 Sept

15-16 Dec

Calculation of Climate Risk and Vulnerability

7-8 Oct

22-23 Sept

28-29 Sept

4-5 Oct

15-16 Feb ‘22

Discussion of Calculation Result

13-15 Oct

20-22 Oct

26-28 Oct

1-3 Nov

21-23 Mar ‘22

Action Plan Development Training

Technical Assistance and Mentoring

10-11 Nov

18-19 Nov

5 & 8 Nov

15-16 Nov

21-22 Apr ‘22

Technical Assistance and Mentoring




3 Dec

02-Jun ‘22








GHG Emission Inventory Training

9 & 11 Aug

13 & 16 Aug

24-25 Aug

6-7 Sept

14-15 Sept

Technical Assistance and Mentoring

19-20 Aug

26-27 Aug

30-1 Sept

8-9 Sept

16-17 Sept

Baseline Development Training

6-7 Oct

13-14 Oct

22-25 Oct

20-21 Sept

27-28 Sept

Technical Assistance and Mentoring

11-12 Oct

18 & 20 Oct

28-29 Oct

23-24 Sept

1 & 4 Oct

Discussion of Calculation Result

16-18 Nov

8-10 Nov

19-22 & 23 Nov

3-5 Nov

11-12 & 15 Nov

Action Plan Development Training

Technical Assistance and Mentoring

3 & 6 Dec

29-30 Nov

7-8 Dec

25-26 Nov

1-2 Dec

Technical Assistance and Mentoring

17 Dec

13 Dec

20 Dec

10 Dec

15 Dec

Event Date 27-01-2021 9:00 am
Event End Date 28-01-2021 6:00 pm
Capacity Unlimited
Individual Price Free

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