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Media Monitoring: Post-COP26, Question of Climate Financing Looms Large

United Nations Climate Change Conference 2021, Conference of Parties (COP) 26, concluded in Glasgow, on 12 November 2021, with a strong call-to-action for countries to double their climate actions and for developed countries to mobilise finance to support developing countries to adapt to climate change.

This edition of Climate Change Media Monitoring found four main themes that Indonesian media reported when covering climate change.

  • COP26. Media coverage on this issue centres on the global mood in responding to the climate goals. Kompas and Mongabay reported that the outcome of COP26 is less ambitious than hoped for, referring to the goal to phase out coals. However, noteworthy progress is made as the parties adopted Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. This article provides a framework for carbon market mechanisms and emissions-reduction transfers.
  • Climate Financing. Climate finance has been a crucial issue in the Indonesian media post-COP26. The media put a strong emphasis on national efforts to strengthen its fiscal policies. The Indonesia Ministry of Finance, Bisnis Indonesia reported, is preparing Climate Change Fiscal Framework to support its energy transition initiative to meet its net-zero emissions target by 2060.
  • Climate Emergency. Indonesian media plays an important role in increasing climate literacy by sharing the impacts of climate change based on recent studies and observations. The media reported the threats of climate change to small islands, food systems and the aviation system.

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