Climate Resilient and
Inclusive Cities Project


The project will pay a special attention to the question of informal settlements, rural migrants and marginalisation

Climate mitigation and adaptation can be achieved by a better understanding of local resources, and the empowerment of people.

Continued promotion of good governance, and the necessary policy and legal frameworks to implement urban policies.

The project will support the transition to more resource efficient systems of production and consumption. It will develop early warning systems for the selected cities, and an analysis of the main sources of pollution.

Addressed trough innovation incorporing local culture and design, supported with the identification of sustainable financing mechanisms.

It will be developed with knowledge exchange and joint trainings among countries from the South and Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, India, and Nepal).

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A unique cooperation between cities, officials, civil society organizations, and academics towards resilient and inclusive cities.

Co-funded by EU

This project is co-funded by the European Union


Aniessa Delima Sari

Pascaline Gaborit :