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Pekanbaru City is the capital of the province of Riau, Indonesia, and a major economic hub in the eastern portion of the island of Sumatra. It spans over an area of 32,26 km2 (12,46 sq mi) with a population of 1,121,562 according to the most recent official projection for mid-2019. It is situated on the banks of the Siak River.

To learn more about Pekanbaru and the findings of the CRIC experts, click here.

A policy brief redacted by CRIC partners from Pilot4Dev, ACR+, ECOLISE and AIILSG is available here.

The full Urban Analysis Report carried out by a panel of urban experts for the city of Pekanbaru is available here. The study sought to identify characteristics of Pekanbaru and climate-related existing policies and policy gaps while providing recommendations to Pekanbaru City officials.

, Riau
Indonesia 28121

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