Climate Resilient and
Inclusive Cities Project

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Climate change has impacted urban areas; its effect would not be felt similarly in all cities. Each city has different characteristics centered on its limitations in fiscal, social and environmental terms. 


It is essential to gain better proof of these vulnerabilities within the CRIC Project context to help cities have practical assistance, tools, and observations applicable to each of the cities in their attempts to tackle climate change. The CRIC Project has completed urban Analysis Reports that highlight the region's profile, current policies and programmes relevant to climate change, policy differences and recommendations. The UARs are crucial guides that allow people to see the initiative's course whilst helping cities develop effective policy and strategies.

The CRIC project promotes the development of technologies to promote sustainable development to solve urban issues related to climate adaptation and inclusivity. This is a continuation and a final clarification of the tool creation recommendation, based on the UAR review and series conversation performed with pilot cities. Each industry and city's problems will be discussed in a focus group style format.

The objective of the Focus Group Discussions is to facilitate policy dialogue, the exchange of information and experience on good practice among policymakers in line ministries and 10 pilot cities with UCLG ASPAC, CRIC (including project partners), APEKSI, development actors and other related stakeholders on recent developments and challenges in both of the above strategic sectors. It will also bring relevant sources and experts from the intended agencies together to obtain constructive inputs on the instruments' scope to be developed. Findings and recommendations will be discussed for mutual understanding and agreement from project partners. Finally, it will also be the occasion to gather inputs on the strategic action plan as the CRIC project recommendations in strengthening the work and developing the tools.

The Focus Group Discussions will take place online over the first and second week of February 2021.

A unique cooperation between cities, officials, civil society organizations, and academics towards resilient and inclusive cities.

Co-funded by EU

This project is co-funded by the European Union


Hizbullah Arief

Pascaline Gaborit