Climate Resilient and
Inclusive Cities Project

Climate Resilient and Inclusive Cities Project learned many lessons after joining Partnership for Sustainable Cities - First Meeting of Partners event in Brussels, Belgium, between 7-9 March 2023.

Climate Resilient and Inclusive Cities Project successfully facilitated CRIC First Discussion Panel in Surabaya between 1-3 March 2023.

CRIC partners' plans to visit CRIC pilot cities were finally realized between 19-28 February 2023 two months after Indonesian Government eased COVID-19 restrictions on 30 December 2022.

City of Banjarmasin hosted the second Climate Resilient and Inclusive Cities’ climate mitigation training (M2), 2 February 2023, facilitated by Centre for Climate Risk and Opportunity Management in Southeast Asia Pacific (CCROM - SEAP) trainers.

The world faces a set of risks that feel both wholly new and eerily familiar. Cost of living dominates global risks in the next two years while climate action failures dominate the next decade. These findings explored in the latest edition of the World Economic Forum's Global Risks Report that was out yesterday, on 11 January 2023.

Discover Pascaline Gaborit's (Director, Pilot4DEV) latest article, 'Resilience and Climate Disaster Management in Cities: Transformative Change and Conflicts', published on Journal of Peace Building and Development, 24 November 2022.

Our planet is facing triple planetary crises in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitical instability. These crises hold back SDGs achievements around the world. The triple planetary crises are; climate change, pollution and biodiversity losses.

Climate Resilient and Inclusive Cities (CRIC) training to prepare climate action plan in City of Pekanbaru resumed into the second phase with the first climate adaptation training (A1) discussing Scientific Base of Climate Change and Climate Risk and Vulnerability.

Samarinda and Banjarmasin, two Climate Resilient and Inclusive Cities (CRIC) pilot cities recently received recognition from Directorate General of Climate Change, Ministry of Environment and Forestry for their efforts implementing Climate Village Program also known as Proklim. 

The publication has been funded in the framework of the Climate Resilient and Inclusive Cities (CRIC) project, of which Pilot4DEV is partner.

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