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Urban Update is an English monthly magazine focused on urban development, municipal affairs, innovation, sustainability, environment, energy efficiency, mobility, science and technology, and business, along with case studies and success stories from Indian and global cities and towns. The magazine is an initiative of the All India Institute of Local Self-Government (AIILSG).

Pascaline Gaborit’s (Director, Pilot4DEV) article “Necessary for cities to become resilient and adaptive” has been published in the Urban Update Magazine of September 2021.

Today, the efforts towards climate mitigation and adaptation are urgently needed. It appears that cities are central in these processes since they are at the right level to capture the territories’ socio-economic dynamics – an essential baseline to take the appropriate decisions to protect local populations and ecosystems. But cities are also a catalyst of a large variety of dynamics (economic, cultural, social, environmental, innovative …) and trade-offs become necessary.

Hence the importance of projects like the Climate Resilient and Inclusive Cities (CRIC) that work on the investment of cities in mechanisms of resilience – the development of smart Early Warning Systems (EWS), nature-based solutions as well as the involvement of communities (to be better prepared and better handle disasters) – and enhance the ability of stakeholders to cooperate in prioritizing this variety of dynamics for more resilient territories.

“Only when we all come together will we be able to make a change” - Pascaline Gaborit

Discover more on these dynamics and on the suggestions offered by Pascaline Gaborit by clicking the following link: Necessary_for_cities_to_become_resilient_and_adaptative.pdf

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A unique cooperation between cities, officials, civil society organizations, and academics towards resilient and inclusive cities.

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